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Patricio Anabalón


Patricio Anabalon, Chilean singer (Santiago de Chile, 1975). He has performed recitals at important venues in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Jordan, Lebanon and Australia. It has 11 compact discs edited and published two books of poetry.


He has shared the stage with many international artists such as Silvio Rodríguez, Vicente Feliu, Augusto Blanca, Cecilia Todd, Alejandro Filio, Amaury Perez, Ismael Serrano, Arleta and Giorgis Christodoulou, to name a few.


He has performed master classes and lectures at prestigious universities in the world, including: University of Poitiers and University of Aix in Provence (France), University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Griffith University and Queensland University (Australia), University of Havana (Cuba), UNAM and University of Guadalajara (Mexico), University of Piraeus (Greece), Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica and Universidad de Santiago in Chile, among others.


Anabalon has received numerous awards during his career, highlighting, including three awards from the Music Council (2007, 2008 and 2009), the first prize of Poetry "Poet Enrique Gomez-Correa" and two awards of the UNESCO for his cultural contribution development in Europe.


His disc "Hojas de Invierno" (2001) has been published in Chile, Australia and Mexico. In the last country had great reception from the specialized critics, being performed live at the auditorium of IMER (live radio broadcast) and Televisa (TV), among other major Mexican media.


In 2005 he participates representing our country, in the homage paid by the Municipality of Athens to Mikis Theodorakis.


In 2006 he presented in Paris, Athens, Brussels, Rome, Geneva, Hamburg, Barcelona and Stockholm, his album "Selection of Songs from 2000 to 2005", an anthology composed of his first seven productions. That same year he was invited by Silvio Rodriguez to join his tour in the Dominican Republic.


In 2008 he engaged with prominent artists such as Pedro Aznar, Victor Heredia, Juan Carlos Baglietto, Javier Calamaro, Ismael Serrano and Lito Vitale, on the CD "Tango for the kids," project led by the Argentine actor Gastón Pauls.


In 2009 he was invited by the President of the Republic of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, to join the presidential delegation to Honduras and Cuba.He has done compositions for radio, TV and theater. His work has been included in several anthologies and literary music in Chile

and abroad.


Anabalon is a member of the Society of Chile Copyright (SCD)

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